• Discover our March book club picks, order your books, download your suggested reading plans, and start reading!

  • What goal are you trying to achieve? Download a free printable worksheet to help you map out your journey to success.

  • February in The Happiness Project remembers love. Should we stop expecting appreciation and praise from our partner?

  • We discuss morning routines as a foundation for success. What positive changes can you make to your morning routine?

  • We discuss Rachel Hollis's "10, 10, 1" formula for success and how to visualize your dream life ten years from now. Free worksheet!

  • According to Excuses 7-9 of Girl, Stop Apologizing, it might be time to just get over ourselves (and other people's opinions of us).

  • We discuss Excuses 4-6 of Girl, Stop Apologizing. Could a growth mindset help you overcome your fear of failure?

  • January in The Happiness Project tackles how to boost our energy levels. Three words stood out to me after reading this chapter: "Act as if."

  • We discuss the first three chapters, Excuses 1-3, of Girl, Stop Apologizing. And I want to ask, do you consider yourself a goal-oriented woman?


Best Life Book Club is an online community of bold, creative, and ambitious book-lovers who dream big and are ready to start living their best life!


If you love reading books that not only inspire you but offer practical guidance on how to live more intentionally, love more deeply, take better care of yourself, and stop letting your own self-doubt or the fear of others’ judgment get in the way of your dreams, this is the book club you’ve been waiting for.


My mission is to select inspiring and empowering books, curate weekly and monthly reading plans, lead online conversations with a vibrant community of women who are also on a path of self-discovery and self-empowerment, and offer tips, support, and some laughs along the way.


And if you’re like me, the only thing better than reading a life-changing book is having a community of like-minded women reading along with you to hear your thoughts, share their experiences, and encourage you to put what we’re reading into action.


What are you waiting for? Pull up a chair and start living your best life!


Best Life Book Club March pick: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman


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